How to Easily Create and Use Impactful,
Brain-Friendly Slide Presentations
with the P-IQ Method

Frowa Schuitemaker-Hartsema
& Charlotte Schuitemaker


Powerful Presentations will help you... 

  • Easily prepare an inspiring slide presentation
  • Understand how your audience thinks, so you can reach them emotionally
  • Inspire and motivate your audience
  • Be more confident when giving presentations
  • Reach your goals 

Preparing a successful presentation goes far beyond just making and showing your PowerPoint or Keynote slides. However, the way you use your slides can either tremendously support or completely undermine your overall presentation. In Powerful Presentations, you will learn how to increase your Presentation IQ by mastering the art of presenting with slides, and you will discover which five elements collectively determine the success of every presentation you give.

Powerful Presentations fills the gap between a book on presentation techniques and a book on presentation software in a unique way that cannot be found anywhere else. It is a handbook for anyone who wants to give presentations with more impact.

ISBN: 978-3-948615-05-5 (Paperback)
978-3-948615-06-2 (E-Book)

Frowa Schuitemaker-Hartsema
& Charlotte Schuitemaker

Frowa and Charlotte Schuitemaker developed the P-IQ Method to help their clients master the skill of giving slide presentations. With this method, they map out clearly and simply how to create and use effective, memorable slides in your presentation so that you will move and inspire your audience.

Frowa is an educationalist and has been giving presentation training courses since 1990. Charlotte is an expert in making professional slide decks and specializes in how to communicate complex information clearly to a broad audience. 

Chris Davidson,
Managing Director
of Active Presence, UK

Powerful Presentations is both an important concept and an important book. Frowa and Charlotte Schuitemaker have made an important contribution to helping business presenters raise their game. 21st century business is challenging and 'Powerful Presentations' will help you get your voice heard above the noise.

Mike Robertson,
“The Slide Ruler”
Is This Mike On, USA

Frowa and Charlotte are deeply committed to repairing the bad reputation of presentation slides. They understand the potential in this art form and use their creativity and enthusiasm to surprise and delight audiences who are accustomed to boring, canned slides. Readers of this book will gain dozens of new ideas that will elevate their presentations to heights they could not have imagined. It’s like getting a new toolbox for Christmas; what shall we make first?

Eamonn O’Brien,
Author of
How to Make Powerful Speeches,

If you’d like myriad simple ideas you can use to boost your impact when using slides while presenting, grab a copy of the wonderfully researched Powerful Presentations book. It’s full of insights about what works and what doesn’t. A must-have book on the shelves of every speaker.

Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE,
Professional Speaker,
2018 Recipient of National Speakers Association's highest award,
The Cavett, USA

As a professional speaker I’ve been using slides and other props for my presentations for decades. When I read Powerful Presentations by Frowa and Charlotte, I was very impressed with their clarity, the depth of their knowledge and how imminently useful this information is! They showed me lots of great ideas and I look forward to implementing them. If you want to get a competitive advantage and master presenting using slides, this is the book for you. Get it. Devour it. Benefit from it. It is that good! I highly recommend it!

Annelé Venter,
Business Owner of Avequi (Pty) Ltd
Solution Provider,
South Africa

Well-designed and extremely useful, this book is an invaluable guide on how to improve your presentation skills. Structured in such a way that you could easily jump in and focus on an area to improve, it can yield instant results. However, if you read it from cover to cover, as I did, you will never see any slide presentation in the same light ever again. This book is so inspiring, I immediately wanted to start planning a presentation and apply the insightful guidance skillfully shared by Frowa and Charlotte. If you want to get to a ‘next level’ with your presentations, be it more professional, more engaging, impactful, targeted and overall better communicated, then this book is the tool you need to get there.

James Taylor, MBA FRSA,
Keynote Speaker on
Super Creativity, Scotland

We’ve all been there at some point, sitting in a room suffering as we have to endure yet another dull PowerPoint presentation. Our boredom quickly becomes frustration before ultimately morphing into anger as the bullet points slowly suck the energy out of the room. The presenter’s ideas and message may be good, but they are lost in a fog of tiny fonts and uninspired stock images. However, there is another way. With 'Powerful Presentations' anyone can learn how to transform their next presentation from flat and forgettable to inspiring and impactful. You own it to yourself and your audience to give a great presentation. You owe it to yourself to buy this book.

Alan Stevens,
Professional Speaker
Past President, Global
Speakers Federation, UK

Almost every speech can be improved by the use of visuals, but very few speakers know how to use visuals well. This book remedies that. Its easy-to-follow advice and insights provide a perfect guide to the use of brilliant visuals. I guarantee this book will improve the quality of your speeches, presentations and pitches. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Lindsay Adams,
CEO of 24x7 Assessments,

Do you have to give presentations for work or your business? If you do, then this is the book for you. Frowa and Charlotte have put together a well-researched book addressing the key elements any presenter needs to take into account when preparing and delivering a great presentation. They have interviewed professional speakers and presenters and distilled their tips, tools and ideas into a practical, easy to read and informative book. I found the ideas presented simple, yet powerful and easy to implement. Before you have to deliver your next presentation, be sure to read this book from cover to cover first.

Mia Liljeberg,
Facilitator and
Keynote Speaker,

In a time where the visual communication has taken over social media with videos and images, the challenge to keep the attention of the audience is more difficult than ever. Frowa and Charlotte have synthesized their experience and research into a very visually appealing book giving the reader the tools needed to upgrade their Powerful Presentations. It is a skill that can be learned so there is no more excuse for bad slides. Read the book to learn about the common mistakes and the tricks they teach and watch your presentations be transformed and the audience will remember them longer. Once it has been seen, it cannot be unseen again.

Renée Lee Rosenberg, MA, LMHC,
Professional Speaker and Author of
Achieving the Good Life After 50, 

Mother and daughter team, Frowa and Charlotte Schuitemaker have skillfully tapped into their generational experience and knowledge to give us an insightfully written, extensively researched, highly intelligent and informative book that is a must-read for all speakers, experienced or newbie and for any professionals who have to give presentations as a part of their job. Page after page, Powerful Presentations, abounds with great ideas, specific tools and powerful strategies any level of speaker will find useful and easy to implement. Once you start reading Powerful Presentations it will be hard to put down. If you are in the business of speaking, don’t delay, buy this book and read it from cover to cover.